Meet Award-Winning Author Kathye Quick

Author Kathye QuickKathye Quick is a long time friend from the wilds of New Jersey. She’s been my friend and mentor for many years. But for the record, she’s also a wife, full-time writer for a local governing body, empty-nester, and writing group organizer, just to name a few of the hats she wears so well. Her website is

Welcome, Kathye! Great to have you here with us today and thank you for your time! You write in so many genres, locations and eras, that I don’t know where to start. If I remember right, your first sale was to Avalon Books. Please tell us about your writing career.

Thanks Nancy – Miss your face BTW.

I had a pretty vivid imagination as a child. I used to cut out pictures from the newspaper and use them as paper dolls. Then I made up some “adventures” for them. When I got older, I started writing some of these down as short stories. They led to a job on the school newspaper where I became the editor in chief and eventually won a local writing award for a story I did.

Much later, I became a stringer for a local newspaper. I had a column – A Quick Look Around – for many years until I decided to try my hand at romance novels. Since then it’s been a heck of a ride.

I discovered New Jersey Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America in 1989-1990 and consider it an honor to have been the NJRW President in 1992 and 2001. NJRW and some wonderful people like the goddess of Show-Don’t Tell, Anne Walradt, the late Karen Plunkett-Powell who we all affectionately called the Editor from Hell, and the wonderful NY Times Best Selling Author, Andrea Kane, actually helped me live the motto Put Your Heart In A Book by showing me the way to publication. But the writing wheels moved forward and two years ago I helped launch a writing group that embraces writers of all genres, Liberty States Fiction Writers. LSFW is dedicated to advancing the careers of writers of all genres’ not just romance. While romance gave me a start, I found the “rules” of the other group too confining. I mean, we can learn so much from every genre, why turn away great writers and great teachers just because they don’t write romance? Made no sense to me, so I moved on. But I wish them all the success they deserve.

You’re published in every format from eBooks to hard covers. And, you’re published in romance genres that go from sweet contemporaries to medieval romances and paranormals! Each of those sub-genres is different. What do you like about each and do you have a favorite?

Sweet contemporaries appeal to me for the family values. Anyone can read them and because I try to keep it real, I draw from down-home issues which a lot of people tell me they can relate to. I think my favorites to date have been my Gemstone Series – Grandmother’s Rings. I used my family’s birthstones – Amethyst (Mom), Sapphire (Dad and Sis) and Citrine (yours truly) as the basis for a story about a woman who wants grandchildren but her offspring are not cooperating. Much like my own. With apologies to Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinnie, I felt like my clock was ticking and at the rate my children were postponing replication in every way, shape and form, I figured at this rate “I ain’t ever going to have any grandchildren.” So I invented a more cooperative family, gave them each one of their Grandmother’s rings, and sent them out into the world to meet their prefect matches. From there, they could marry and “go forth and multiply.” I had a lot of fun infusing many of my children’s personality traits into the Archer family. Once I finished the last book in the series, I felt like my children were leaving me again! My Avalon Books are very well received. “Tis the Season, a holiday story in which Santa Claus quits the family business, was nominated for a HOLT Medallion. Sapphire received a National Reader’s Choice nomination. I feel very blessed.

Paranormals let me stretch my imagination with the help of writing partner, Patt Mihailoff. Together we are P. K. Eden. Rooted in a mutual love of the Sy-Fy channel, we get to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before and create worlds and characters unique to them. Our first collaboration, Firebrand, an urban fantasy based on the fall of the Garden of Eden, won two Reviewer’s Choice Awards and was dubbed worthy of Harry Potter and the Hobbit Series by one reviewer which blew us away. We are currently working on a multi-book project called the Grimm Protectors in which descendents of the Brothers Grimm protect the artifacts from folklore from falling into the wrong hands. Imagine what Donald Trump would do if he knew Rumplestiltskin’s Spinning Wheel existed and could really spin straw into gold.

Finally when I was a young girl, I was captivated by an old black and white TV series called Tales of Sir Lancelot. William Russell played the handsome Lancelot and I watched it every week without fail and cried when it went off the air. As a teenager, when I wasn’t writing for my school paper The Blueprint, I began thinking of my own tales of Arthur and the Round Table. When I finally began to write them down a whole lot of years later, they became the Beyond Camelot –Brother Knights series, that told of Camelot surviving beyond Arthur. I have one more brother’s story yet to tell to complete it.

I know how much you love writing romances, and I know that you once considered the book of your heart a non-fiction work about dealing with grief. I’ve seen your sense of humor pull you and those around you out of some dark times. Do you still have plans to write Hi Mom, How Are Things in Heaven?

I really need to do that. I miss mom so much. She would always encourage me during the Rejection Period that lasted years. I actually got published a few months after she became an angel. I figure once there, she got God’s Ear and believe me; NO ONE turns down my mother! I only regret she never got to hold one of my books. Hi Mom is in outline form. I really should work on it soon. And as I think of it, I haven’t talked to her today so, “Hi Mom, how ARE things in heaven?”

What advice would you give to writers who are seeking publication but haven’t broken through yet? Any tips on what to do or what to avoid doing?

The best advice I can give is to leave your ego at the door and never give up. Rejections are part of the job; you don’t take them personally. Besides, each one is proof to the IRS that you are really a writer and can deduct all the office equipment and supplies. The only tip I can give is to never give up. Another movie quote – “Never give up, never surrender.” (Galaxy Quest)

Seriously though, there is a quote I think about when I get feeling discouraged. I don’t remember who said it but it goes like this:
“Failure is simply giving up when you
didn’t realize how close you were to success.”

Please tell us about your current writing projects. What’s next for Kathye Quick and her alter-egos?

Besides Grimm Protectors with Patt, I have a three-book proposal into Avalon with the first one done and submitted, so I’m waiting for a decision. It will be my Bachelor’s Three Series. The first is Ineligible Bachelor, in which the heroine submits a picture of the guy-next-door (who she has been in love with since high school) to a magazine contest to be its next featured Eligible Bachelor. Only she never read the fine print. Turns out, it was also an entry form for a reality TV series. He wins and she has to go with him to pick his perfect date from six bachelorettes, all model thin and perfect with eyes only for him. That’ll teach her! Of course she ends up with him in the end, but not after some pretty hilarious adventures at the mansion where the show is being shot.

Do you blog regularly or have a virtual book tour scheduled? Tell readers where they go to keep track of what you’re doing!

I tried blogging but with a full-time job (I work for county government), a husband, a seat on the town’s Zoning Board and Library Board, writing, helping do publicity for Liberty States Fiction Writers, and then finding time get ready for son #2’s wedding, it didn’t work out so well. I try to contribute once a month to the Avalon Authors Blog, also.

You can always check my website – or P. K.’s for upcoming stuff.

Thank you so much for visiting Faith, Hope, and Grace. I know I’ll keep reading everything written by Kathye Quick and I look forward to your next book. Hope you’ll come back again!

You know I love you to death. Thanks for having me. It was fun.

Duty and desire clash when Braeden, Knight of the Round Table, and Janne, a Druidess join to save a New Camelot from the sons of Mordred. Lyrical Press, 2011.


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One Response to Meet Award-Winning Author Kathye Quick

  1. StoriDiva says:

    I am the one who is honored to be paired with such a wodnerful plotter, writer and friend. Kathye Quick KNOWS how to write a good story. Her many books are a testament to her dedication to something she loves doing, and all the while balancing home, family and a full time job.

    Her stories come from the heart when you read one you will understand that.
    Before I knew what a plotter and panster was I th ought I was a plotter, that was until I met Kathye and now I know I am panster and she is a plotter extraordinaire. (ask everyone she’s helped.)

    I am blessed to be her freind and part of her team.

    Kathye we got writing to do.


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