Writing Bucket List

What's in YOUR bucket??Do YOU have writer’s bucket list? I’d love to hear back from you regarding what accomplishment YOU feel will enable you to say with confidence, “I am a writer.”

These are the ones on MY list, although I do consider myself to be a writer. I have since my mentor and friend Anne Walradt, pointed out that by definition, if I was putting words to paper, in any fashion, regardless of the results, that made me a writer. Thank you so much, Anne. That has been VERY liberating for me over the past 18 years.

1. Spend a weekend in  Key West. Touch one of Hemmingway’s six-toed cats and drink a marguerita in salute to the sunset.

2. Publish a collection of short stories. And I do mean BE the publisher of exciting and well written short stories by me and my friends!

3. Get paid for what I write. This one is checked off, and helped me the most to convince OTHERS that I AM A WRITER!

4. Publish a full length novel. Notice, I didn’t say write a full length novel. I’ve got several written…

6. Need to hire an accountant to manage all my book-related income. Wouldn’t this be lots of fun?

7. Spend a week on an island writing a novel. I’m sure if I had one uninterrupted week, I’d finally prove that writing a book in a week IS possible.

8. Pay off the mortgage with my book-related profits.

9. Take an Alaska cruise, paid for by teaching writing classes on the cruise!

10. Make the New York Time Best-seller list! Of course, this is not for me, but for all the non-believers in the world.

Post about YOUR bucket list and you could win a $25.00 B&N gift card!


About NL Quatrano

Award-winning author, speaker, editor and ghost writer, Nancy owns a full-time editing, writing and specialty publishing business: On-Target Words/WC Publishing. Volunteer/member of professional writing organizations including Florida Writers Assoc., Sisters in Crime, and AWAI. 2010 Professional Woman of the Year by the NAPW. Linked in Editor Pick May 2013. International Women's Leadership Association nominee for Outstanding Leadership 2014. Author of Murder in Black and White, Still Shot, Merciful Blessings, and numerous published short stories.
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8 Responses to Writing Bucket List

  1. Sharon Buck says:

    My Top 10 Writing Bucket List items are:

    1. Live in one new place, town/city for 1-2 months, learn as much as I can about the area and then write a novel incorporating the area into the novel.
    2. Make a good full-time living from the sales of my fiction books. While camping out in a pup tent eating beans out of a can may make some folks heart swoon because they are living the dream of a writer, it doesn’t mine. My idea of a good living is not having to concern myself about such mundane matters as paying the light and water bills or mortgage or, heck, any bills for that matter!
    3. Helping other writers to achieve their goals through the use of social media, seminars, and courses.
    4. Make the New York Times Best-seller list. Hey, what writer doesn’t dream of this?!
    5. Going on a writers rock-style tour! If musicians can aspire to groupies and tours to large cities and convention areas, why can’t writers?
    6. Being interviewed by Katie Couric. In a good way. Not praying to God for deliverance because of the interview. In front of millions of people on national TV. Breathe, breathe, maybe I should change this one.
    7. Establish a one-year writing scholarship. Yep, all expenses paid for one year for someone to write their book. Um, I get to choose how much your expenses are going to cost.
    8. Being mentioned in the same breath as Janet Evanovich, Joan Hess, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Nevada Barr, Brad Thor, and Nancy Quatrano! Okay, I can now mark that one off. I just did…myself, by saying it out loud.
    9. Establish a creative writing contest.
    10. Stay the same nice person I am now when I become a really famous best-selling author!

    By the way, I achieved Nancy’s #1 item in Key West many years ago and there is truly nothing like having a marguerita at the southernmost tip of the United States saluting the sunset….unless, of course, you fall into the water because of the bad joo-joo one of the six-toed cats put on you while you petted them. Let me point out, having three margueritas prior to that had absolutely NOTHING to do with taking an unplanned dip into the ocean!

    • NL Quatrano says:

      I’m laughing so hard, I’m having trouble typing, but I just love this one!!! And I know for a fact that you are on the road to accomplishing/experiencing many of these!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! This is just great!!!

  2. Anne’s advice has helped a lot of us stay focused. I like your list it’s a lot like mine, except for the mortgage. It would probably make enough to buy a car new and pay cash.

    • NL Quatrano says:

      LOL – and I know you!! You will certainly achieve these things, just like I will! Putting them down on paper makes them tangible and then we can complete them!! Hugs and best wishes – and thanks for the post!!

  3. I like this Nancy…Writer’s Bucket List…Here goes:
    1. Write a best selling Romantic Novel while experiencing some of it in Fiji.
    2. Going on a book tour all over the world with this Best Selling Novel!
    3. Establish a fund for Abused women with all the money I made to teach them how to write their experiences to share.
    4. Have Time Freedom to retire and enjoy my future grandchildren. 🙂

  4. Chelle says:

    Another good column, Nancy! You can check that off your list!
    I recently achieved one of my writing goals and that was winning San Joaquin SinC’s Coveted Dead Bird Award. But my goal isn’t completely done. I can win two more times before not being able to enter again. Next is submitting to EQMM and AHMM and being published by both. I would also like to be published by WW in both mystery and romance. My biggest item is to finish my novel and have it published. And, of course, I’d love to be on the NYT list with you! We can go to the Edgars together and both pick up our awards in person. (Just thought I’d throw that in since you deserve to win one, too.)

    • NL Quatrano says:

      LOL – I just love your comments and that you included me! Yes, winning the Edgars is on my bucket list – the expanded edition. Thank you so much for sharing!!! The only way we can fail is if we give up – and neither of us will do that!! See you at the Edgars!!

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