5 Tips on Getting More Book Buyers

Writing is only about 10% of the work effort needed to make money as an author. The other 90% is marketing. Some of that will be boots-on-the-ground, meet-and-greet marketing, but the majority will probably be creating “buzz” via the Internet. So, I present to you a powerful article by expert Sharon E. Buck of Book Authors Tour – with her permission, of course!  Enjoy.

5 Tips on Getting More Book Buyers by Sharon E. Buck

Are you just dreaming of being a successful book author or are you actually taking steps toward your dream?

Being a financially successful book author isn’t just about being on national television and having a bunch of groupies following you around. It’s truly all the little steps that get you there.

Are you doing the following on a daily basis?

1. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Literally, this only takes about 10 – 15 minutes a day. HOWEVER, reading what others say takes longer. Limit yourself to a set number of minutes to read everything.

2. Following up on your reader emails. Yes, this may take up to 30 minutes a day. REMEMBER, THEY ARE BUYING YOUR BOOKS TREAT THEM NICELY! Think about the first time you received a nice email from an author and then craft a warm friendly email for your readers. When you are nice to your readers they tend to remember those things and then brag about it to their friends. This simple act of kindness can lead to more book sales.

3. Taking 15 minutes out of your day and brainstorming WHERE, not how, you can find your perfect reader. Find the “watering hole” where your best reader can be found and go after them.

4. Even though you may be shy, live in a small town, and have very little extra cash for a book tour, you CAN create your own by being creative. Book tours are not all about showing up in a physical location, hoping throngs of people are going to show up, and buy your books. Create your own virtual book tour. Cost zero, your time, whatever you choose to put into it.

5. Write, write, write. Writers write, others talk.

Sharon Buck – who also gets bogged down in daily life and continues to write and market every day. For your subscription, visit www.bookauthorstour.com

See you Sunday with another Penny segment. Don’t miss it! Keep reading and writing! NQ


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