Lenten ImageToday is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of a special time of year, set aside for humble reflection, a cleansing of spiritual, and maybe physical, “houses” for Christians around the world. Whether you participate or not, I wish everyone many blessings.

In the interest of your success, I suggest for you, three quick informational items that may keep your book(s) – and your marketing effort(s) from going up in smoke!

Welcome to Market or Die – Brand Building Advice for Writers

FREE DOWNLOAD. Scroll to the bottom of the website and click the cover. Happy Reading.  http://www.marketordie.net/

From WRITERS DIGESTbelow is the promotional copy for a new writer’s tool. I haven’t seen it so I can’t vouch for the contents, but I’ve read or own/owned a large number of WD books – and VERY few missed the mark. At any rate, thought I’d pass this information along. Looks like it might be a great resource. The paperback is reduced right now to under $12 and includes a free downloadable checklist.

Whether you’re looking to get published or just hoping to hook your reader, first impressions are vital. Compelling opening scenes are the key to catching an agent or editor’s attention, and are crucial for keeping your reader engaged.
Before you submit your manuscript to an agent or editor, make sure your submission package is in the best possible shape. With this checklist from The First 50 Pages, you can improve your chances of success.

• How strong is your first line? Make sure you lead off with something that will catch an agent or editor from the very beginning.
• Do you start with a dream scenario? Because that’s a quick path to rejection.
• Does your story have an engaging hook?
• Are you telling instead of showing? Remember the old writing adage “show don’t tell.”
• Double check your point-of-view. Make sure you don’t have any errors or shifts in POV.
• Make sure your characters have depth. • Is there a lack of beats for pacing and description?
• Check for stilted dialogue.
• Are there inadequate descriptions of characters and settings (or details that are introduced to the reader too late?)
• Are you starting the main action too soon?
• Are you going into flashbacks too early in the story?
• Do you jump to a new viewpoint character too early?
• Is there enough conflict?
• Is there something at stake for your hero?
Find out how to answer these questions (and more) with The First 50 Pages!

Last but not least – 30 Ways to Build the “Know, Like and TrustFactors that grow an audience. This article is worth reading! http://www.copyblogger.com/30-know-like-trust-actions/

Until Sunday, keep reading and writing! NQ


About NL Quatrano

Award-winning author, speaker, editor and ghost writer, Nancy owns a full-time editing, writing and specialty publishing business: On-Target Words/WC Publishing. Volunteer/member of professional writing organizations including Florida Writers Assoc., Sisters in Crime, and AWAI. 2010 Professional Woman of the Year by the NAPW. Linked in Editor Pick May 2013. International Women's Leadership Association nominee for Outstanding Leadership 2014. Author of Murder in Black and White, Still Shot, Merciful Blessings, and numerous published short stories.
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One Response to OUT OF THE ASHES . . .

  1. Tricia says:

    Informative as always Nancy.
    I definitely related to your thoughts on Ash Wednesday. A journey of cleansing, reflection and rebirth.
    As always, your thoughts were right on the mark.

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