TRANSFORMING YOUR AGING BRAIN by Linda Stoler M.A. and Dr. Gretchen Espinetti

Are you caring for someone (of any age) with a brain injury of any type? Someone showing signs of dementia either age or medication-related? This book will feel like a hug!

When we worked together on this book, I learned tremendously helpful things about our brains and how to heal them or keep them healthier, and about the impact of attitude and activity not just on our brains, but on our very quality of life both mentally, spiritually, and physically.

While a great many things can change in eight years (this was released in late 2014), there isn’t much in this book that would change. The ideas, discoveries, methods, and lessons are pretty much timeless. Sure, there a few newer brain studies, especially related to concussion injuries, but those add information, they don’t change what this duo so carefully crafted as a tool essentially, to joy!

I’ve just reread this terrific work by Stoler and Espinetti and was reminded of things I’ve forgotten now that I’m a caregiver. I am happy to say that the Stolers are still actively teaching the multi-modal method to not only caregivers and care facility staff and management for elders, but to young people, too.

And why not? We’re never too young – OR – too old, to take better care of ourselves and live life with a positive attitude and as many dance steps as we can do!

If you’re in the age group of 25 – 100, you’ll LOVE this book! Available everywhere you can order books in electronic and print versions!

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