About the Author

I’ve loved books and the written word as long as I can remember. My dad, a relatively uneducated man by formal standards, had an IQ of 158, taught me to use a slide rule when I was 10, and when he wasn’t away on the road for work, I always saw him with a book in hand.

My first work was published in the Lakewood Daily News when I was 13. I spent most of my teenage years writing music and lyrics when not reading whatever the library would let me borrow. Mysteries were my absolute favorites!

I’ve had the privilege to meet, know and call friend, some fabulous writers. My writing reflects a tiny bit of each of them. My first publishing credit was in 1999. Since that time, I’ve published a great deal of short fiction, a good amount of non-fiction, and my freelance writing is on solid ground at last.

So I know how it feels to wake up one day and realize that the wiser course of action might be to give up this crazy dream of being a professional writer. That’s when God pokes me with some sort of stick and I can see that I need faith in myself and my passion. With God’s grace, I’ve been led to wonderful opportunities. I write and therefore, I am a writer.

I am blessed to be publishing my private eye mysteries, The Point and Shoot Series, where AJ Buchanan and hunky husband Travis manage to get into all sorts of things! And, with the blessed friendship and writing partnership of D. K. Ludas, the Amazing Grace Trucking Company series is off the ground at long last, too. If you like southern women’s fiction, you’ll enjoy that one.

Visit me at www.OnTargetWords.com or N.L. QuatranoI’d love to hear from you!  Or, I can be reached at nancy@ontargetwords.com. Hope to chat with you soon!

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Hi Nancy, I just signed up for your blog. That’s pretty cool that you write music and lyrics too :o)

  2. sknicholls says:

    Hi Nancy, I met you through the SinC map while searching for Florida authors. I love your posts in support of the indie authors and the indie bookstores. While reading and writing have been my lifelong passions, writing took a backseat to my nursing career and raising a family. I became disabled in 2011, although I still perform wellness screenings, and published my first indie authored novel this year. Faith, hope and grace are truly the inspiring words that I needed to read right now as I begin my next WIP. It is nice to make your acquaintance.

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