Today is a Great Day to Start…

The “first” of anything, seems to have mystical powers, so I decided, on this 1st day of December, that I am done procrastinating and would get my blog started, even if I’m not entirely sure about the nuances of this medium. I have faith that I’ll learn what I need to learn.  

My intention is to provide an oasis of sorts; a place where writers can come for a dose of faith, hope and grace, then continue on to do battle with life’s challenges to attain our most powerful dreams.

Make no mistake, writers are powerful dreamers. The kind that make amazing worlds come to life, allow us to travel to astonishing places, and grant us either information, inspiration, or imagination to carry on. You, mighty wordsmith, are a true mystical magician! 

So regardless of your obstacles, and I’m aware of how hard some can be, I beg you to carry on. Write 1 page a day, every day. Believe, and learn, and share yourself, and life will burst into technicolor for you!  I hope you’ll come back and share some of your hopes, fears, and dreams with us here! Until you return, may the muse be with  you. 


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