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Our first client was a real doozy. She walked into the Moo Mart, ignored Eddie’s ‘Can I help you?’ and strode right over to where we were sitting. She stood about five-eight with a buxom figure and platinum blonde hair. She wore a white semi-sheer blouse, a blue skirt with the hem just below her knee, and I am not making this up–cowboy boots.

Without so much as an introduction, she said on a breathy exhale, “I want to hire you.”

Zellie took a moment to silently appraise her, but I didn’t wait. The lady was a little meshugina, to be sure, wearing that outfit in a Moo Mart in New Jersey. But she certainly was easy on the eyes. Continue reading

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Meet Literary Agent Lois Winston

Note: Lois and I met years ago, both pre-published authors determined to write and sell great novels. Lois has won more prestigious writing contests than I can count. She wears all the traditional family hats: wife, mother, and grandmother. And in … Continue reading

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Romance and eBooks-Perfect Together

While washing up the breakfast dishes this morning, I heard a Sunday morning news brief on the television. I stopped to take a look. The segment, on a major national network, was called,”eBooks and Romance.” Now, of course, Valentine’s Day and … Continue reading

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