El Capitan by Kevin Carp

El Capitan 2015, used with permission by H. Larson

LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS: Note – do your homework and be sure you understand the guidelines and what the company is looking for. Never submit something that is not suitable for that publication or agent. That’s what it means to be a writing professional. NQ


Non-genre Publishers

Coffin Bell – according to Authors Publish, Issue 24, this new, quarterly online journal of noir short fiction (flash and short stories) and short non-fiction is looking for submissions.  For inclusion in the April edition, submit between January 1 and March 29. If you would like to learn more or submit to Coffin Bell, please visit their website at

City Lights Books – Founded in 1955, with nearly 200 books in print, City Lights publishes cutting-edge fiction, poetry, memoirs, literary translations and books on vital social and political issues.  Check them out at

Seven Stories Press – (snail-mail submissions only). Manuscript submissions, accompanied by a cover letter and two sample chapters only, with a 46-cent SASE or postcard for reply, to: (from their website)

Seven Stories Press
140 Watts Street
New York, NY 10013


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Great Escape Publishing Co. –


Glass Literary Agency

Holloway Literary Agency –

OTHER RESOURCES – $ (All of these are high value and reasonably priced)

Kick off your 2018 writing year with the tools that will help you to shine!



Keep writing!








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And let it begin with me!

We wish you all a very merry, healthy, happy, and memorable Christmas! May your 2018 be blessed with good health, prosperity, fun and supportive people, and awesome books!

Birth of Christ

Love to you all. Nancy Q. and the On-Target Words family



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2017 from On-Target Words

2017 OTW Books



Help an author by posting reviews wherever you can! Are you a Goodreads member? That’s a great place to post your reviews, too. Have a comment about a book? Email the author, or email the publisher at and we’ll forward the email to the author!


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MERCIFUL BLESSINGS: Meet Hope, Faith, and Grace

Every time our publisher, Salt Run Publishing, announces our upcoming MERCIFUL BLESSINGS launch in March, co-author Daria Ludas (DK Ludas) and I get majorly excited all over again! When it won the Royal Palm Literary Award Unpublished Women’s Fiction category in 2014, we knew we’d finally gotten it right.

Just like every author does, we put a lot into the story and the series development, and it is, indeed, much like waiting for the arrival of a new baby! We are over the moon about being new additions to the Salt Run family and their Two Stone Lions inspirational imprint.

The title has layered significance. The women in the series are the three daughters of Percy Blessing and his late wife Sarah Ann, and the Blessing family is one of the founding families of the fictional rural Florida town of Merciful, 100 years ago. Merciful is nestled along I-75, about 40 minutes southeast of Gainesville, in Alachua County. Sorry, you won’t find this charming but deadly little hamlet on the map or the I-75 exit signs, but it is inspired by the town of Micanopy, Suwanee, and many others, complete with steepled church, town square, and Victorian-era homes.

The Blessings are just like the rest of us. Their faith is tested, tried, fails, and is redeemed, over and over again. Life has beaten them up a bit and they are tougher than they look and softer than they’ll admit. They argue with each other and band together when under fire, a lesson important to Daria and me because we’ve been there, too. We aren’t big preachers, tending instead to try to live as an example of His love and generosity. But, we want folks from all walks of life to understand that the Lord loves us all with great passion and commitment. We are NEVER unredeemable, no matter what others may say about that. You can believe me on this or not, doesn’t change a thing!

We have enjoyed getting to know the Blessings and their friends and hope you will, too! Take the stress out of living and remember to invest in loving yourself, loving the Lord and caring for your neighbors. Then enjoy the merciful blessings that come to us all from our triune God.

Talk about a winning formula: hope, faith, and grace!

PS We’ll be signing MERCIFUL BLESSINGS at the Liberty States Fiction Writers conference on March 24 in Iselin, New Jersey, at the big Reader’s Fair! Hope to see some of you there!


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Thanksgiving From the Quatrano family and our On-Target Words family, we offer wishes and prayers for the Lord’s blessings to all of our family, friends, and clients. The list of things we have to be thankful for is, thankfully, longer than a marathon course.

May you always be able to see things to be thankful for, even when the clouds are gathering and the valley’s looking a bit dark. Joy, faith, hope, and strength reside are accessed through thankfulness.

“It isn’t happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.” – Unknown

Be the light, peace, and hope in the world that you’d like to see reflected there!

Nancy Q.




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OCT 31: 30 Shades of Dead – a collection

30 Shades 3d



Dear Reader,

Sisters in Crime, Inc., is now a global organization with more than 3,600 members and 50 chapters worldwide, dedicated to promoting the ongoing advancement, recognition and professional development of women crime writers.

But 30 years ago, Sisters in Crime was founded by a handful of women mystery writers including BJ Rahn, Sara Paretsky, and Phyllis Whitney, who noted in 1986 that women mystery writers weren’t being reviewed at a percentage equal to the successful books they were writing, nor were they being nominated for awards in the Mystery Writers of America organization.

During Edgars Week in 1987, women interested in changing the status quo were invited to Sandra Scoppettone’s SoHo loft for a breakfast meeting. Nancy Pickard was their first president with Margaret Maron accepting the VP position. And there they created Sisters in Crime.

The authors in this collection are all Sisters in Crime members. You’ll see both genders contributing and we do so with great pride: in our work, our genre and our organization.

We invite you to join us in our celebration of the 30th anniversary of this versatile, encompassing and powerful organization. Every story includes some element of thirty or takes place thirty years ago.

Enjoy this short story collection in the way it was conceived: to entertain you, the mystery reader! There are psychological thrillers, cozies, romantic suspense, historical, and the P.I. and cop varieties. It is not by mistake that there are thirteen stories here.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to post reviews wherever you do that!

Nancy Quatrano, Editor

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Looking for unforgettable heroes pitted against unbeatable odds?

Evil lurks in broad daylight. Conspiracies play out in the shadows. Nowhere is safe. And these 20 pulse-pounding mysteries and thrillers won’t let you forget it…

Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will love the USA Today and Award-Winning authors in the MURDER & MAYHEM boxed set, which is why the authors of this collection came together to bundle 20 EXCLUSIVE thrillers and mysteries, including plenty of BRAND NEW material!

This unbeatable lineup of stories will spike your heart rate and blow your senses with thousands of pages of clever crimes, devastating murders, heart-pounding mystery, and psychological twists.

From tales of spies and espionage to small-town mysteries and traditional courtroom thrillers to hard-boiled noir, this collection offers a cross-section of modern thriller and mystery.

Scroll Up Now and Pre-order Today to secure your 20 stories from the masters of thrills and kills!

Including Titles From…

Award-Winning author Nathan M. Farrugia

Nick Thacker

John Birmingham

N.D. Hill

Eva Winters

Lee Hayton

USA Today bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein

Nathan Goodman

John Ling

Award-Winning author Fiona Quinn

M.R. Graham

USA Today bestselling author H.B. Moore

Award-Winning author Pamela Crane

Award-Winning author Ashley C. Harris

Award-Winning author Terry Keys

Steve P. Vincent

Tina Glasneck

Award-Wining author Pauline Creeden

Dave Sinclair

New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin

Buy Links: Only $.99!



Google Play:




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