One Black Shoe Book coverIn Alexandria, Virginia ghostly woods (rumored to be haunted) open the story. A winding road leads into a soon-to-be known world of darkness and deceit. The reader is hooked from the first chapter and into the second, the third. At the onset, we meet a prominent character involved in law enforcement and follow his life through marriage, the building of a family, and watch his career advance as his life takes twists and turns, some for the better, some for the worse. Across the states, in California, a couple in love are about to exchange wedding vows. It seems the storyline will progress into a tale of real-life adventures, and it does. Toss in a crazy English mother-in-law who loves to stir the pot and murders popping up elsewhere, the reader travels down roads of twists and turns as well. A mysterious black shoe enters the picture and somehow ties several of the plot’s threads together. The author creatively weaves an engaging style of writing, descriptively elegant and beautiful, even when engaging the reader into graphic crime scenes, acts of abduction, disturbing and dark seduction.

When I read the book I was stunned by the chilling details and horror built into this tale and even though I don’t read this genre, I was unable to put it aside and leave it there. I’ve known this author for some time and knew her latest novel would probably curl my hair but I had no idea. If you enjoy dark psychological thrillers that keep most people up at night, do not miss reading ONE BLACK SHOE. Riveting, fast-paced, and haunting enough to be a Criminal Minds episode! Bravo to Colden and I’m sure there will be more where this came from!

Here’s a sample excerpt from ONE BLACK SHOE:

The crunching of underbrush told the girl the two passed her and separated. Bugs crawled over her. She swatted at them. Something slimy shifted under her hand. Complete silence became her companion for what felt like an eternity. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, she crawled from her hiding place. The moon had traversed across the sky. A drop in temperature came with the early morning. Damp soil and rotting leaves stuck to her torn jeans. Coldness seeped into her skin. The smell of moss was strong. She wiped her hands along her thighs, felt the stickiness of oozing blood, and made her way in the direction she hoped was toward safety.

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Brand New: The Last Chapter by Michelle Alstead

Emma Barton is drowning. A single mother of a son with a genius-level IQ and Autism, she’s given up on love to focus on the child who needs her. Her writing aspirations—the only dream she hasn’t abandoned—withers as her latest novel bombs, and she’s dropped by her publisher.

Ethan Wise, an A-list actor, wants an Oscar, but he’d settle for being something other than a romantic comedy lead or a beefcake superhero. Discovering Emma’s novel happens by chance, but it could also be his opportunity to finally become a serious actor.

When Ethan seeks Emma out to buy the movie rights to her novel, they fall so passionately in love their lives are turned upside down.

Emma wants to be with Ethan, but there’s her son to consider and the secrets she’s kept to protect him. She’ll do anything to keep her little boy’s world safe and happy.

She’d even give up the love of her life.

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Author interview with Eric Small

Two Freddies Tour

Eric, we’ve known each other a few years now, going back to when you finished the work on book one of this series, BRAZIN GAMBIT. I loved that book and am enjoying this one just as much! Arnie and Zellie feel like friends now and of course, the Middletown NJ region is familiar to me, so I enjoy “visiting” some of those spots again. But even if I wasn’t from NJ, I’d love these people.

I was happy to see you back with Publicity Book Tours so I could be part of your blog campaign. Let’s get started with your interview! 

How would you describe your book in 20 words or less without using the blurb? Try to describe your book in one sentence.

Unlicensed detectives dodge a falling corpse, navigate a gauntlet of deception and murder, and enjoy the distractions of romance.

When did you begin writing? How long have you been writing?

I began by writing history papers. I continued writing in college, but once again, non-fiction – mostly history and political science.  I continued writing non-fiction throughout law school and for thirty-two years as a government attorney. I only began writing fiction, which I have always loved to read, within the last four to five years. And writing fiction is very different from drafting a legal brief. For one thing, it’s a lot more fun.

Do you listen to music while writing?

I don’t listen to music when I write. I start focusing on the music instead of concentrating on the words on the page.  Oddly enough, I don’t mind having a baseball game on in the background. For some reason, I’m able to ignore the announcers, and only get distracted if there is a loud crack of the bat, when I look up, see what just happened, and go back to writing.

Do you write at a laptop/desktop or do you write longhand?

I write on a desktop computer for the most part. When I have the baseball game on, I use my MacBook Air.

What’s your favorite part of writing a book?

I love creating new characters. It’s by far my favorite part of the writing process, and one I had no opportunity to do in my prior career.

Who’s your favorite character in your new release?

I like many of the characters in A Tale of Two Freddies, but if I have to choose, I think my favorite is Jake Rothberg. I grew up knowing people just like Jake, who were gruff on the outside but had hearts of gold. Also, I love great deli.

Did you do any research before start or during the writing of the books?

I did a lot of research during the writing of A Tale of Two Freddies. While I invented the characters and fictional venues, the book is set in a real place. So I needed to keep the roads and landmarks accurate. Arnie and Zellie knew nothing about the requirements for getting a private detective license, and neither did I before I researched New Jersey’s Private Detective Act of 1939. And while I read The Brothers Karamazov a number of years ago and liked it very much, I needed a refresher. I had never seen the movie or even knew of its existence before I looked, but Arnie and Zellie are movie buffs.  So, I researched the book and rented the movie.

What book is currently on your nightstand?

I’m currently reading The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway. I just checked, and there’s a 1957 film based on it starring Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferrer, and Errol Flynn. I’ve never seen it, but maybe Arnie and Zellie will watch it in a future book. You never know.

How can readers stay in touch?

I welcome e-mails at or comments on my website:

What is the last book you’ve read?

The last book I read was one a friend lent to me titled A Cold Day in Paradise, a mystery novel by Steve Hamilton. And it’s a good one.

How many more books can we expect in this series?

At least one more. I’m pretty far along in writing the third one, so I have a fair degree of confidence that I will finish it. I won’t rule out anything beyond that, because I like Arnie and Zellie, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. And who knows? I may want to write something completely different.

Thank you for joining us, Eric and I know readers are going to totally enjoy A TALE OF TWO FREDDIES. The unique twists will definitely keep readers turning the pages. I’ll be watching for book 3! 



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DK Ludas and some mutual friends of the Sisters in Crime NJ chapter are spending today in lovely Cape May County at the Stone Harbor Library where they are doing a mystery authors meet and greet. Our current inspirational, MERCIFUL BLESSINGS will be front and center, but we also didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spread the good word about book 2 in the Amazing Grace Trucking Series, too – KEEPING FAITH which will be out later this fall from Two Stone Lions Press.

Some of you may know book 2 from it’s intended title, OLD FAITHFUL, which features Faith Blessing-Walker, sister of Hope and twin of Grace. One of our treasured beta readers mentioned that since Old Faithful is the name of a well-known and much-visited geyser in Yellowstone National Park, maybe we should change the name of this book. After all, did we want people thinking it was about a geyser?

Well, we asked some others, who after much thought and contemplation acknowledged that they could see that point. It took them some time, but the consensus was that perhaps we should find a different title.

From the onset of the development of the series, Daria and I wanted some specifics in place for each book. 1) they’d all be inspirational in nature and Christian-faith based, 2) they’d all take place in and around Merciful, Florida which is fictionally set in Alachua County, Florida, 3) the second book would be focused on Faith, the third on Grace, and the fourth on some strong secondary characters, 4) the covers would all contain an image of a small community church, 5) the titles would have two words in them that should be a play on words.

So, we decided on retitling book 2 of the series to KEEPING FAITH. As the challenges unfold in the story, Faith and others are forced to “keep” faith or succumb to the despair of life’s trials. Faith is also faced with the demands of physical therapy to regain her ability to walk and be independent again so others are “keeping” faith for Faith. And maybe most importantly for Daria and me, we know that the Lord keeps us all in his care. He never abandons us. And so, the new title seems a great fit. Thankfully our very wonderful publisher agreed and is working to redo the book cover which will be available soon.

We’re delighted and thankful that she spoke up because the new title has brought with it energy we needed to power through the revisions. So, not unlike the wedding that gets called off at the rehearsal dinner because it is the wrong thing to do for that couple, be willing to rethink that title you may have been wedded to for a long time. We hemmed and hawed but this author/reader is very savvy and her input is too valuable to ignore.

So not only are the Blessing sisters blessed, but Daria and I are mightily blessed, too. We have each other as friends and co-authors, we have such wonderful friends who read and give of their time for us, and we have a publisher who believes in us. We wish you blessings in your reading and writing journeys, too.


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I Received a Book Excellence Award!

Book-Excellence-Award-Winner-Blog-Feature-Image-1200x630I am incredibly excited to announce that I have been recognized as a Book Excellence Award Winner for my book, STILL SHOT in the Action Category.

To all of you who have offered your congratulations, THANK YOU and I send you a warm Chastity Creek hug!

Out of hundreds of books that were entered into the Book Excellence Awards competition, my book was selected for its high-quality writing, design and overall market appeal.

The book was released in 2016 and is about a Private Investigator and her husband who travel to New Orleans for a family wedding and find themselves up to their armpits in murder, mayhem and a family in deep trouble.  Caught up in a macabre play as fraught with intrigue as Macbeth, the twists and turns will leave you hanging onto your seat!

The book is perfect for action and mystery readers from 17 to 70.

You can get a copy for yourself at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

The next book in the series, GONE IN A FLASH will be released in November 2019. I’ll let you know more about those details as we get closer to the launch date. Thanks always for your support!

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Interview with David Baldacci


I promised a weekly blog – and I love you all – so I wanted to post something of value. But NaNoWriMo is added to the normal towering pile of things to complete – so I read this awesome interview in my Killer Nashville Magazine and I know you’ll enjoy it! Have a blessed week!


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Heart Lies Fnl Kindle Cover 110118


Life has a purpose and our hearts can lead the way – if we let them. Cory McGuire

This novel is about being brave enough to risk our hearts in order to care about others, even when we have been hurt too many times.

A young man goes on his journey in search of finding out where his heart truly lies. We are all on that journey to some extent – or have been. It’s a story about heroes and the sacrificial love it takes to be one – on a military mission or in our homes.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Through this beautiful hardcover book, Dr. Goldfarb hopes to inspire readers not only to visit the beautiful cities and countrysides of Japan but to observe their surroundings, no matter where that might be and note their specialness, their uniqueness. Japan Inscape is an emotional response to an entire life of surgery and family, surfaced through poetry and photography. The mood alternates between chaotic city spaces and tranquil countryside, commonplace and monumental. His reflective trip to Japan captured, in photographs and Haiku, both the historic and modern aspects of this island nation.

AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 22, 2018; Kindle Pre-Orders Available Now!



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