COOKIES AND MURDER by Amazon Bestselling Author Sharon E. Buck

This latest book, number 7 in the Parker Bell Florida Humorous Mystery, was released in July and is sure to continue to make Parker Bell fans laugh so hard at times that they’ll cry.

Book 7 of the Parker Bell Humorous Mystery

A fun, over-the-top mystery set in a fictional Northeast Florida town set on the St. Johns River, the characters are delighted to be southern with all their cultural nuances and surprising idiosyncrasies. Gators, football, grits, Coca-Cola, BBQ and loyal friends are some of that culture you’ll easily recognize. You’re going to want some of these people as YOUR friends!

From the description:

A cookie factory being burned down, Miss Suzie’s Delicious CC (chocolate chip) Cookies that may or may not be part of a drug cartel aka the Bunny Hop Gang and then there’s the unfortunate murder – let’s face it, what murder is ever fortunate – of the new owner of the cookie factory. It’s time for Parker Bell and the always sugar-and-caffeine infused Lady Gatorettes to solve the latest murder in Po’thole, Florida.

This is a book meant to be a purely fun read and it doesn’t disappoint! Great for the beach or a weekend getaway, the pacing is quick and the outrageous technology will make you shake your head in amazement. Available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Wishing you laughter and light in your life!


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